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Transparent Overdrive

Pair this little guy with any guitar rig and the resultant tone will lead to massive planetary destruction!

  • True & Buffered Bypass Switch

  • Rare Germanium Diodes for Pro Level Tone

  • Top-Mounted Jacks to Save Space on Your Board


We know once you stomp this box your mind will be officially blown! A little peace of mind is nice too. You are fully protected by our 30 day - 100% Money Back Guarantee.

 As Seen & Heard In


Guns N' Roses

Richard slings his 6 string for the legendary hard rock band Guns N' Roses in front of millions and millions of fans. He trusts the Octonaut Hyperdrive to keep his tone on top.


Bon Jovi

Phil X is a prolific guitarist who spends his days "livin' on a prayer" while playing with acclaimed rock band Bon Jovi. Phil depends on the Octonaut to give him that industry leading tone boost on stage.


Alanis Morissette

Jason has been rocking with Alanis for over 17 years and along the way he's also played with Sarah McLachlan and Natasha Bedingfield. Jason bumped his Klon KTR to make a spot his Octonaut Hyperdrive.

   Real Customer... Real Results.

  "This pedal slaps! I kicked my old Klon KTR off my board and now I run 100% Octonaut Hyperdrive on tour with GNR."

Richard Fortus, Guitarist - Guns N' Roses

Octonaut Benefits

True & Buffered Bypass Versatility

A true & buffered bypass operation switch is available which when left on strengthens and conditions your signal and tone.

"Magic" of Rare Germanium Diodes

The "magic" lies in our rare germanium diodes clipping the overdrive & creating a "crossover" that creates this revolutionary sound.

Modern IC3 Circuitry

Our proprietary IC3 circuitry converts voltages allowing for maximum headroom, a key component in getting that elusive big sound.

Ultra Consistent Performance

Our modern design provides consistent performance from pedal to pedal so you will have a slamming pedal right out of the box.

Real Reviews from Real Pros

Jimmy Herring

Guitarist - Widespread Panic

"I haven't found anything that could stand up to my Hughes & Kettner tube factor until now! This thing sounds amazing."

Phil - X

Guitarist - Bon Jovi

"The Octonaut Hyperdrive is really something special. I tried over 40 new overdrive pedals before my last tour with Bon Jovi, and the Octonaut beat them all! I grabbed two for my touring pedalboard, and the tone I get is literally out of this world."

Carlos Santana

Guitarist - Santana

"Very, very impressed. One of the best drives out today, it already earned a spot on my board and on my next international tour!"

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Octonaut made in the USA?

Our commitment to quality & reliability starts with all our pedals being crafted in USA. Every single one is made right here in the United States so you can purchase with confidence and rest assured you are grabbing a solid piece of interstellar tone gear.

Q: How big is the Octonaut?

The Octonuat enclosure fits nicely on any pedalboard or rig. Also, the intuitive design of having top mounted jacks, frees up additional space on your pedal board.

The dimensions are: 4.77 in X 2.58 in X 1.57 in

Q: What style music is the pedal best for?

The Octonaut Hyperdrive is true transparent overdrive based on the original Klon Centaur circuitry, but its versatility is endless. It can be used as Overdrive, Distortion, Clean Boost, Lead Boost, Signal Conditioner and More making it useful in almost any sonic environment or musical genre.

Q: Does the Octonaut have a warranty?

Yes absolutely, it is 1 year.  We guarantee the Octonaut Hyperdrive to be free from defects in workmanship and performance for a period of 1 year from the original purchase date. Repaired or replaced products will then be warranted for the unexpired portion of the original warranty term.

Q: What type of power supply does it use?

9V battery and 9V power supply (sold separately)


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