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The Story of the Octonaut Hyperdrive

The Story of the Octonaut Hyperdrive

Octonaut Hyperdrive Story

Not long ago, in a galaxy relatively near to this one, The Octonaut (who has asked to remain nameless for the sake of privacy), was a simple, mid-level mechanical engineer working for the Klip League of Octonautical Navigation, until a rare disease suddenly overcame his crew. 

A known cure for the disease existed but the ingredients necessary to produce it were scarce in his quadrant of the galaxy. The best known source was 13 light years away; too far to get there and back in time to save the victims. 

The Octonaut went to work trying to invent a way to speed up space travel and the “Hyperdrive” was invented. This new device allowed for a team of scientists to get the needed ingredients and return in time to brew the cure and save the crew. In a happy lab accident while creating the hyperdrive, the Octonaut discovered a side effect of the machine. 

While performing tests on the system, an audio signal was sent through it and it was discovered that the tone, which was unpleasant going in, sounded much more pleasing to the ears when it came out the other end of the machine. We are pleased to share the Octonaut Hyperdrive (minus a few key “speed of light travel” components) with you in this smaller format, suitable for use by the average life form. 


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